Subiect XXI (Omagiu lui Florian Pittis)

Eseul care urmeaza a fost scris de mine cand eram in clasa a XII – a, pentru bac-ul la engleza. Un plan de idei, in caz ca voi trage biletul cu „personajul pe care-l admir”. L-am gasit in dosarul cu amintiri din vremea liceului.
Atunci Motzu inca traia, facea emisiuni si conducea Radio 3 Romania Tineret. Eram fan declarat. Stiam foarte multe lucruri despre el, il ascultam la radio si cumparam casete originale cu Pasarea Colibri.

„The personality I admire most is an actor, a singer and a journalist, at the same time. His name is Florian Pittis and his nickname is Motzu.
He was born in Bucharest in October 4, 1943. He attended The „Gheorghe Lazar” High School, the I.A.TC. and he made postuniversity studies of directions. Then, he became a very talented actor, and in 1970 he managed to get a scholarship for 3 months in Paris. Those years, he made musical sketches with Dan Tufaru and Anda Calugareanu. In one of them he played Tom Jones part and because of this, he was not checked in customs when he came back from Paris.
Since 1969, he acts at Bulandra Theatre. He played in many drama, like: „Song about myself”, „Names of the four Beatles”, „The Coldness”, „Figaro’s wedding” etc. Now he sings in a band named „The humming bird” with Mircea Vintila, Mircea Baniciu and Vlady Cnejevici and he is the manager on Radio 3 Romanian Youth Channel. He makes a broadcast named „Pittis Show” which I listen with pleasure beacuse it is about my favourite style of music: rock. Florian Pittis knows all about this kind of music and he is an inventerate hippie.
Many people consider him somehow mad because he has a very long hair and he behaves strange by their opinion when he is on the stage with his band. I think that he doesn’t make anything but stage craft.
Florian Pittis is a personality I admire a lot because he is very intelligent, very talented and he means a lot for the romanian culture.”

In 2007 el a plecat dintre noi… fizic. Aceasta parte nu trebuia sa existe… Nici aici, nici aievea.
Eu am ramas acelasi fan. Ascult Pasarea Colibri, ascult radio3net, il iubesc si il respect.
Odihneste-te in pace, maestre! The show must go on!


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